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Climate Intelligence 

Smart water. Fast results.

Industrial businesses are faced with the challenge of reducing carbon footprint while maintaining productivity. Some solutions attempt to address both needs at once, which typically takes several years to start seeing results and requires large capital expenditures.

Climate Intelligence powered by ECOLAB3D™, is an innovative solution that helps businesses make informed choices on how to balance productivity and sustainability goals.

Climate Intelligence allows you to start taking steps right away to:

Reduce energy consumption
Support decarbonization
Lower operational costs
The solution enables refineries and petrochemical plant managers to create a digital replica of their water energy systems, utilizing digital twin technology delivered through our partnership with Siemens. This digital tool automatically runs optimization scenarios and points out operational settings that reduce the carbon footprint and save energy. Our team will work closely with you to help achieve the results you expect.

Climate Intelligence powered by ECOLAB3D



Advantages of a digital twin:

  • Near-real-time optimization nudges your operators to control the process energy efficiently under changing operational conditions
  • Feedback on how actual operations become more efficient after the changes made 
  • Tracking of performance and carbon intensity reduction
  • Ability to run feasibility studies and “what if” scenarios offline, in a virtual environment  


Digital Twin Plant Before

Current Operation

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Digital Twin Plant After

Digital Twin


Climate Intelligence helps you achieve rapid results in a matter of months, making it easier than ever to move the needle on decarbonization and make visible progress on your climate goals. 

Not only is it designed for immediate impact ─ it is also designed to more than pay for itself. A recent study found that it can help deliver a 300% potential ROI.1


 1Nalco Water Service Report S-12236
Climate for Intelligence


Start achieving greater efficiency, reliability, and productivity through smart water management.


Ecolab and Siemens Partner to Help Industry Reduce Greenhouse Gas Emissions, Improve Production

Climate Intelligence helps businesses model operations and achieve their sustainability and productivity goals more quickly.

iiot platform

ECOLAB3D™ IIoT Platform

ECOLAB3D is a remote monitoring water analytics platform that compiles information from IIoT controllers, monitoring systems, sensors, and other sources. Advanced analytics, including artificial intelligence and machine learning algorithms, translate that data into precise insights at the asset, plant, and enterprise levels. ECOLAB3D solutions deliver anywhere, anytime operational visibility to help companies make smarter decisions to improve performance, manage risk, and save water and energy. 


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