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Managing Legionella Risk

Developing and implementing a Water Management Plan is an essential first step to reduce risk. Nalco Water will work with you to develop a complete plan that includes the elements described by ASHRAE Standard 188 and the CDC Toolkit. We will also combine our expertise with industry best practices to help you implement strategies to control and monitor risk, and to help you prepare a contingency plan to take corrective action when needed. A complete Water Management Plan covers all “At-Risk” water systems including potable water and cooling towers, to mention a few.

Key Components of Your Plan

Our comprehensive process will help you prepare and implement your plan to manage Legionella risk proactively.

Our approach prescribes key activities that we will assist you with:

  • Forming a cross-functional program team
  • Taking a water system inventory, developing process flow diagrams, and assessing risk
  • Designing a risk mitigation strategy and implementing its recommendations
  • Confirming the plan’s performance
Cycle of Water Safety

A Continuous Process

At Nalco Water, our focus goes beyond writing a plan on paper. We also incorporate regular reviews with your team to confirm the plan on an ongoing basis. By providing methods of verification and validation, you can be assured you have the tools to manage your plan proactively. It’s important to know that this process requires solid documentation every step of the way.

Remember, water safety is a continuous process requiring you to: assess, act, analyze, adjust and repeat.