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Nalco Water provides water management programs to help manage Legionella risk, protect patient safety and optimize water system asset performance in Healthcare facilities. We provide unparalleled expertise and resources to deliver waterborne pathogen risk assessment and control strategies, as well as sustainable water management solutions.

Our water treatment solutions help protect critical cooling and manufacturing assets against scale, corrosion and more to support productivity and help minimize unplanned downtime. Through our holistic approach to water management, we help Life Sciences customers optimize water and energy use to maximize operational efficiency and minimize environmental impact.

Senior couple seated outdoors in a long-term care community

Legionella Risk Assessment & Sustainable Water Management for the Long-Term Care Industry

Long-term care communities face many competing priorities. Two near the top of the list are keeping residents safe and operating sustainably. 

Legionella is a potentially deadly bacteria that can be especially dangerous for residents of long-term care communities. Nalco Water provides a comprehensive range of risk management services, including Legionella risk assessment and water management plans compliant with ASHRAE Standard 188, among others.

Sustainable water management in healthcare settings, including long-term care, is critical for meeting resident expectations and combating rising water and energy costs. Nalco Water’s best-in-class cooling tower treatment programs can help deliver water and energy savings along with optimized life of expensive HVAC assets.

Customer Success Stories

Learn more about how our best in-class water treatment programs and Legionella risk assessment and management services have helped healthcare and life sciences companies improve their operations and achieve their sustainability goals.

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