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Flow Assurance Bottle

chemical management solutions: flow assurance

Pipeline flow for both gas and oil lines can be restricted by a variety of contaminants and operational parameters. Nalco Champion midstream personnel have decades of experience dealing with these operational issues, and our analytical and chemical tools can help you address challenges and maximise your flow.

Even well-maintained pipelines can experience upsets from environmental and operational constraints outside of your control. Nalco Champion personnel think proactively to help you anticipate these issues before they happen. We know how to improve the efficiency of your pipeline to deliver the maximum amount of product to the end user.

hydrate control

Gas hydrates can cause significant operational upsets. Nalco Champion has developed a unique hydrate inhibitor offering that brings one-of-a-kind assessment, treatment and monitoring capabilities to pipeline operators, and minimizes upsets to midstream systems while managing your costs.


The high energy generated when hydrocarbons are pumped through pipelines can cause significant emulsions to form in the crude and in condensate storage tanks at the end of the line. Nalco Champion has been treating challenging emulsions for decades. We can rapidly resolve emulsions to assure maximum product delivery and minimum water waste.

paraffin mitigation

In crude and condensate transport, paraffin build-up can be a significant factor in slowing down flow of the hydrocarbons, often made worse by upstream paraffin mitigation strategies. We have decades of experience handling paraffin deposition in upstream, midstream and downstream environments. We can help you implement the right paraffin mitigation strategy to protect you and your customers.


Foaming upsets can be caused by high velocities, tight restrictions, variations in hydrocarbon makeup and different types of contamination. Nalco Champion's midstream teams have extensive experience in applying defoamers in midstream systems and ensuring continued effectiveness, allowing your pipeline to remain in a steady flow state.