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Tiorco Enhanced Oil Recovery Laboratory

Reduce your risk. Collaborate with our integrated team of chemists, engineers and scientists to successfully implement your EOR programme. From product development and testing to reservoir evaluation, field deployment design and quality control, we work with you throughout the project lifecycle to maximise oil production. Look to TIORCO to offer full solutions or to supplement your in-house resources.
EOR Fluids Studies
We evaluate injected and produced fluids, formation properties and chemical technologies under reservoir conditions to determine the optimal chemistry for your application. Contact us for more information about our lab capabilities.
EOR Phase Behavior Studies
To determine the optimum salinity and oil solubilization ratio, we perform aqueous stability tests, salinity scan and IFT measurements. We then select the most efficient surfactants and compositions for your specific application. Learn more about our lab capabilities.
EOR Core Flood Studies
Confirm project design and economics within our state-of-the-art live oil capabilities, slim-tube testing and coreflood systems. Prior to implementation, we will evaluate our technology recommendations in both industry-standard porous media and customer core samples.
EOR Production Analysis
Be confident in your EOR programme. Our in-house reservoir engineers qualify, analyse and determine technical and economic feasibility of EOR technology applications, and our reservoir engineering team provides technical support throughout your project’s life cycle.
EOR Reservoir Simulation
Using numerical simulation software, our reservoir engineers evaluate and screen reservoirs for EOR applications. We create detailed numerical simulation models to up-scale laboratory results to reservoir conditions, providing optimum design and full-field predictions for chemical EOR projects.