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The Situation

A major producer in the Gulf of Mexico was experiencing issues with the operation, effectiveness and maintenance of the Heatric gas coolers located on the discharge of each compressor.

When the reduced cooling differential was observed, solids were plugging the pass-through of the gas in the Heatric unit. This issue is particularly problematic as it requires the Heatric unit to be removed and sent to shore for cleaning, causing safety concerns from removal operation, operational downtime and increased costs for maintenance and transportation.

The producer was looking for a long-term solution to reduce the necessary frequency of treatment and avoid the deferred production that was a result of the cleanings.

The efficacy and low application cost of CORR11010A is projected to save the producer $212,000 annually.

The Solution

To reduce the fouling in the Heatric coolers, Nalco Champion recommended CORR11010A. This product is a gas antifoulant designed specifically for high-pressure, high-temperature gas systems, forming a microns-thick passivating film on pipe and equipment walls. This provides a barrier to the deposition of solids, while providing corrosion protection.

CORR11010A was continuously injected into the inlet of the first stage suction scrubbers of each flash gas compressor. This allowed the product to readily disperse into the gas phase, carrying it through each stage of compression and cooling.

The Results

Six months following application, temperatures had decreased by an average of 30 to 40 degrees on cooler outlets. Coolers that had previously required cleaning every two to three months no longer required cleaning. CORR11010A effectively treated deposition and avoided corrosion to meet the customer's needs.

This application is projected to save the producer $212,000 annually based on the following:

  • Annual cost of 10 cleanings (the requirement the previous year)
  • Boat transportation of the unit for all cleanings
  • Deferred production during unit removal and cleanings
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