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Mobility & Sweep Improvement

Improve mobility control and sweep improvement to produce more oil faster. We customize programs specifically for your field’s characteristics, including water quality, rock permeability and oil viscosity, and we choose from our high-performance Provisco™ polymers for results far superior to traditional waterflooding. Count on TIORCO and Nalco Champion for expertise that extends beyond the laboratory to the field operations and injection equipment needed for successful implementation.
Provisco Dry Polymers
Achieve your target viscosity consistently and economically. Low-dose Provisco dry polymers pass strict specifications before field implementation, ensuring consistent and repeatable results.
Colloidal Dispersion Gels CDGs
Improve oil recovery, maximise project economics and reduce water production with flowing gel technology that increases in-situ viscosity. TIORCO CDG technology is formulated for your reservoir, combining a low concentration, high molecular weight polymer with an inorganic crosslinker.
Proven Field Implementation
Provisco Latex Polymers
Meet the thermal stability, molecular weight, injectivity, salinity and shear requirements of your unique reservoir with our more than 30 formulations of EOR latex polymers. All Provisco latex polymers deliver rapid inversion in our customized injection equipment. Contact us to learn more.