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Safety Champion of the Year Awards 2015

With more than 300 Safety Champions worldwide, the Safety Champion of the Year Award recognizes individuals that went above and beyond in 2015 to positively influence safety policies and practices. Learn more about each winner and their contributions to the Goal Zero culture.

Asia Pacific/Greater China Winners
Ari Azhari

Ari is a Senior Technical Service Specialist with seven years of service. Leading the Safety Champion Network for Singapore and Indochina in 2015, he was involved in the creation and review of Risk Assessments for the lab and also provided his regional SH&E Specialist with district support. Additionally, Ari organised and chaired the Indochina Safety Champion Network every quarter for all Safety Champions within the region.

Bo Hussain

Bo is a District Representative and has been with the company for two years. As part of the Malaysia sales team, he played an instrumental role in helping to evaluate driver safety and promoting the practice of Commentary Driving. He led his area Emergency Response Team for monsoon flood preparedness and also took part in quarterly plant audits and inspection efforts. Bo and team were awarded the Gold Safety Award for over 100,000 injury free man hours worked in 2015.

James Jian Sun

James is an area manager and has been with the company for ten years. As the safety champion for greater China, he organised monthly safety meetings for his region and ensured that they met all targets. He lead his business to achieve 100+% of leading indicators and coordinated the implementation of a vehicle reverse sensor programme.

Luu Van Tran

Luu is a Logistics Analyst with four years at Nalco Champion. In 2015, he supported the translations of safety materials for global Supply Chain and actively drove local Goal Zero programs despite lean resources and limited command of the English language. 

Europe/Russia Winners
Katherine Leslie

Katherine is a Senior Lab Chemist with four years at the company. In 2015, she was instrumental in developing and maintaining a safety-critical equipment maintenance programme as well as creating SH&E communications materials for her area. She also spent time with new personnel to ensure they had a clear knowledge of their role competency and site awareness.

Olga Politenkova

Olga has been with the company for four years and is based out of Russia as an Application Engineer. She led a Safety Culture Assessment for her district and ensured area employees complied with all safety requirements and training, including driving risk assessments and monthly commentary drives. 

Latin America Winners
Fernanda Mussi

Fernanda is a District Representative with 11 years of service. In 2015, she regularly conducted safety training with her local Argentinian staff and encouraged team safety compliance. She created a safety training module for global new hires and was active in analyzing incidents and/or accidents and root causes with her local SH&E representative. 

Middle East/Africa Winners
Jijoy Gopalakrishnan

Jijoy has been with the company for six months as a Principal Engineer. In his short time at Nalco Champion, he has embraced the Goal Zero safety culture, helping to establish a safety culture with local operators and reinforcing operating standards.


Jack is a District Representative in Nigeria and has been with the company for three years. When working offshore, he was proactive in sending safety alerts to colleagues and sharing them during customer safety meetings. He was instrumental in ensuring his team was compliant with customer safety requirements and assured internal requirements were met.

Charbel Kiwan

Charbel is a District Representative with five years at Nalco Champion. In 2015, he chaired safety meetings for his Middle East district and facilitated local driver training, ensuring regular internal safety requirements were met. He actively supported the use of the internal safety tracking tool, driving participation to increase safety observations and near miss recordings. 

North America Winners
Kenneth Bowden

Kenneth is an Operational Specialist out of Kilgore, TX and has been with the company for eight years. He worked closely with all employees in his area to ensure all safety policies and procedures were met and also helped new employees with the SH&E onboarding process. He led regular safety meetings with his team and reported on local data captured within the internal safety tracking tool.

Scott Faltys

Scott is a Production Operator and has been with the company for 10 years. In 2015, he participated in regular observation data reviews in efforts to identify safety focus areas for operations staff. He also actively served on his site safety committee and drove safety compliance for committee projects.  

Dave Smith

Dave is a District Representative and has been with Nalco Champion for four years. Throughout 2015, he helped drive thought-provoking discussions to drive engagement and worked to engage his local teams in safety. He was well respected by the customer and team as he drove safety leadership, with one team member quoting, “We have never had an individual in this position with the same passion. He has changed our culture.”