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Our industry is global. Our challenges are global. And we are global. In oilfields, refineries and chemical plants around the world, we work with you to make production and refining safer, more reliable, more efficient and more profitable. Our expertise and access equip us to forge the links between projects, applications, chemistries and industries that lead to applicable, innovative solutions.
Drilling, Completion & Stimulation

Innovation helps our customers address challenging reservoirs and regulatory environments around the world. Many of our best selling solutions, from emulsifiers to inhibitors, were developed in the last five years.


From subsea tiebacks in the Gulf of Mexico to offshore platforms in the South China Sea, we provide practical chemistries and proactive solutions to help you produce safely and more efficiently. We are the industry leader in offshore’s most challenging chemistries—ultra-deepwater applications.


Produce more oil, more efficiently. From product development through field deployment, Nalco Champion helps you unlock your reservoir, increase incremental oil recovery and improve your return on investment in a safe and responsible manner.

Oil Sands

Our custom demulsifiers, leading polymer technologies and solutions for tailings processing have led bitumen froth treatment for decades. For SAGD, we provide customized emulsion breakers that offer rapid, sharp separation and give on-spec oil with virtually no interface issues or waste.

Midstream Management
Midstream management

For decades Nalco Champion has provided comprehensive programs that improve asset life and flow throughput using the industry’s leading chemical management programs. The insights and technologies we deliver give operators a better understanding of their assets, and the tools to improve their operational efficiency.

Fuel Additives

Nalco Champion’s more than 50 years’ experience in fuel additives equates to added value for your operations — from creating opportunities in handling and processing opportunity crudes and challenging feedstocks to upgrading intermediate streams and finished blends for improved profitability.


We understand refinery systems—how they work, relate and are challenged. Our solutions and chemical programs are grounded in this depth of expertise and help refining customers protect assets, mitigate risk, maximise profits and meet obligations on time.


Whether your plant is manufacturing ethylene, butadiene, styrene or vinyl acetate, Nalco Champion offers reliable, sustainable and profitable solutions for every processing threat. Control corrosion, manage fouling, achieve your sustainability targets and reduce your total cost of operations.