David Horsup

David Horsup co-leads Nalco Champion's global RD&E team with primary focus on solving oil and gas production’s toughest challenges.

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David Horsup is vice president of Nalco Champion’s global Research, Development and Engineering (RD&E) operations for WellChem Technologies, Oilfield Chemicals in the U.S. and Latin America, and Nalco Champion’s global Analytical and Pilot Plant capabilities.

Horsup co-leads Nalco Champion’s global RD&E footprint of 12 dedicated technology centres around the globe, focused on solving the oil and gas industry’s toughest challenges. For the past three years, Horsup was the vice president of Nalco Energy Services’ global R&D function and served previously in various upstream and downstream leadership positions. Horsup has been with Nalco since 1992, when he joined as a chemist in the UK.

Horsup has a Ph.D. in Emulsion and Surfactant Science and holds a Bachelor of Science in Chemistry from University of Hull, United Kingdom. He holds numerous patents for oilfield chemistries and applications.